Organizing Notability

I can organize my notes in Notability.

“I use my iPad as a note taking device.”

To organize your notes that you have in Notability, first you need to create a folder for your notes (Ex: Social Studies). If you have notes for Social Studies already, then hold down on that note. Then, drag the note over to the folder that you made. It will go into that folder and then you can add more notes into that folder. You can also make folders for other subjects like science, writing, etc.

-S. Kunkel





I can fix my iPad when the orientation is opposite and the screen won’t rotate when I rotate the device.

“I use my iPad as a tool.”

If it doesn’t work when you swipe up from the bottom of your screen and try to set the orientation lock on, follow these steps:

1. Go to settings

2. Go to general>accessibility

3. Turn assistive touch on

4. A black box with a white middle circle on the border now appears

5. Click on the box

6. Click device

7. Click rotate screen

8. Click the direction you want your iPad to face.

-J. Christiansen

Changing Background Wallpaper

I can change my background wallpaper.

“I use my iPad as an easy way to change pictures.”

If you want to change your background wallpaper, you could download a picture from the Internet to use or you could go to “Settings”, click on “Wallpapers and Brightness”, then click on the picture of your current wallpaper and choose your picture. If you want to use a picture from the Internet, open the picture of your choice in a new tab, click on the box with the share arrow coming out of the top next to the URL address bar, click to save to camera roll, then go to photos, click your picture, click the share box with the arrow coming out of the top, then click “Set as wallpaper.”

-A. Rosenfeld

Navigation of your iPad

I can navigate my iPad better.

“I use my iPad as a learning tool.”

Here are some tips to navigating your iPad:

  1. Using all 5 of your fingers place them on your iPad when in an app you can close it by bringing them together towards the center of your screen.
  2. You can also split your keyboard with 2 fingers going in the opposite direction.

-M. McCormack


I can take a screenshot with my iPad.

“I use my iPad as instructed.”

If you press the home and off button at the same time the iPad will take a screenshot.  It saves your picture to your camera roll.

-C. Roy


iPad Screenshot


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