Studying on your iPad

I can use my iPad as a studying device.

“I use my iPad as a studying device.”

Do you ever forget your flashcards at school or forget to bring something that you need to study home? If you do, then you can follow these easy steps before you go home and it only takes a few minutes (depending on how much you have to study!). Go onto your home screen and find the app iCardSort. Open it up and a smiley face should pop up and it should be made out of cards. You don’t need to do anything with that, it tells you how to do things a little bit. On the side on the top left hand corner, there should be a thing that says “Decks”. Click on that and then click on the plus sign in the top left hand corner. Once you do that, name your deck. After you name your deck, double click the screen and it creates a card and allows you to edit the text. Just like you did with the name of the deck, write what you want it to say and then add any notes you want (like the answer). When you are done, click the wood background and that screen should go down. If you want to edit it again or view the answer, double click the card. Keep doing that to make the flashcards you need to study!

-W. Uhleman