Option for an iPad Assignment Notebook

I can use my iPad as an assignment notebook.

“I use my iPad as an assignment notebook.”

Would you like to us your iPad as an assignment notebook? If yes, continue reading. If no, there is no need to continue.  Go to the “Reminders” app. It looks like a lined paper with colored circles on the side. On the left bottom corner, there is an “add list” button.  Press the button and name it “Assignment notebook,” then you may choose a color.  You can click on the lines on the lined paper, and you can type in a homework assignment.  Click the circled “i” and it is a good idea to put “!”, “!!”, or “!!!” next to it. If you click “remind me on a day,” you can change it to daily so it will remind you every day. To stop it when you’ve finished that homework, either delete it or press the colored circle to fill it in, meaning it has been done.