Organizing Notability

I can organize my notes in Notability.

“I use my iPad as a note taking device.”

To organize your notes that you have in Notability, first you need to create a folder for your notes (Ex: Social Studies). If you have notes for Social Studies already, then hold down on that note. Then, drag the note over to the folder that you made. It will go into that folder and then you can add more notes into that folder. You can also make folders for other subjects like science, writing, etc.

-S. Kunkel




Great Note Taking

I can use Notability successfully.

“I use my iPad as a note taker.”

Notability is a great note taker for really any subject you are in. It is easy to organize in this app because you can basically do anything (add pics, audio, text, folders). Also, if you don’t like typing everything you do, there is also an option in Notability were you can write everything you do with your finger.

-L. Smith

A Better Notebook

 I can use my iPad as a notebook.

“I use my iPad as a digital notebook!”

What if… you forget your math notebook? Well, you can use Notability! If you are inside a new page in Notability, you can hit the wrench icon in the top right hand corner and choose paper. On the right hand side you can choose a type of grid paper as your background to use or even lines. This is very useful for taking notes or doing a math problem. You could even do your homework on it! Just get permission from your teacher.