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 30 Hands

Digital Storytelling, creation, formative assessment, record voice, annotations


productivity, timer,

get things done, task manager

 Animation Desk

creation, animation


photo editor, creation

 Book Creator

publishing, writing


art, creation, open ended, drawing

 CAS Nspire 

(7th and 8th Only)

calculator, math, graphing calculator

 Class Dojo

Behavior, goal setting, Classroom Digital Management,

Student Engagement

 ChatterPix Kids

creation, perspective,

point of view, image, video


presentation, creation, speaking & listening, visible thinking


creation, screen recording,

open ended


productivity, get things done, research


study, review

 Frame Artist

creation, collage, templates, photo

 Garage Band

music, creation, open ended

 Google Docs

Word processing, creation


Google Drive

storage, workflow,

organization, portfolio

 Google Sheets

spreadsheets, organizing information, formulas,

creation, analysis

 iCard Sort

open ended, word study,

vocab, sort, word wall

 iMotion HD

stop-motion, creation


movie maker, creation,

open ended


presentation, creation


blog, writing, sharing

 Make Dice Lite

open-ended, creation


word processing, journaling, note-taking, annotate pdfs, workflow, art


word processing, writing process,

creation, publishing


mind map, brainstorming, graphic organizer, planning, creation,

open ended


self-tracking, grades, utility


presentation, digital storytelling


QR code reader, QR creator,

barcode reader, scan to PDF


study, review, flashcards


lms, content, connect, share, workflow, assessment, discussion

 Make it Big

formative assessment


formative assessment,

classroom response system


collaboration, reading


creation, curation

 RWT Timeline

creation, timeline

 Trading Cards

creation, trading cards


physical education, slow motion, video, science

 VideoFX Live

creation, video, visible thinking


creation, open ended

 Voice Recorder Pro

audio recording

 Word Clouds by

creation, word cloud, deducing, evaluate, inferencing


homework, ownership, planner, assignments, productivity