Studying on your iPad

I can use my iPad as a studying device.

“I use my iPad as a studying device.”

Do you ever forget your flashcards at school or forget to bring something that you need to study home? If you do, then you can follow these easy steps before you go home and it only takes a few minutes (depending on how much you have to study!). Go onto your home screen and find the app iCardSort. Open it up and a smiley face should pop up and it should be made out of cards. You don’t need to do anything with that, it tells you how to do things a little bit. On the side on the top left hand corner, there should be a thing that says “Decks”. Click on that and then click on the plus sign in the top left hand corner. Once you do that, name your deck. After you name your deck, double click the screen and it creates a card and allows you to edit the text. Just like you did with the name of the deck, write what you want it to say and then add any notes you want (like the answer). When you are done, click the wood background and that screen should go down. If you want to edit it again or view the answer, double click the card. Keep doing that to make the flashcards you need to study!

-W. Uhleman

Great Note Taking

I can use Notability successfully.

“I use my iPad as a note taker.”

Notability is a great note taker for really any subject you are in. It is easy to organize in this app because you can basically do anything (add pics, audio, text, folders). Also, if you don’t like typing everything you do, there is also an option in Notability were you can write everything you do with your finger.

-L. Smith

How to Save Battery Life

I can save battery life on my iPad.

“I use my iPad as a computer/tool.”

If your battery is running at like 20% you can turn down your brightness by scrolling up on the bottom of your screen and turning the brightness down.

-C. Smith


In “Settings”, you can turn on airplane mode. If you turn airplane mode on, it will turn your WiFi off but, when you need it again, just turn airplane mode off. This tip really help me when I have low battery.

-C. Hackett

A “Pro Tip” Resetting Your Frozen iPad: by Anthony V.

If you tried everything and nothing works then this tip will help you 99% of the time. First hold the power button for five seconds. Next, (while holding the power button) hold the home button for five seconds. After that, let go of the home button but continue to hold the power button for five seconds. Now let go. Turn the iPad on again and your problem should be fixed.


Keyboard Shortcut

I can create a keyboard shortcut.

“I use my iPad as a tool.”

Are you tired of rewriting your username?  Then go to “Settings”, then go to “General”, and then “Keyboards”. Look for “Shortcuts”, and click “Add New Shortcut”. Click “Phrase” and type in your real username and in “Shortcut” do a little part of the username or something you can remember.  Now, when you type that shortcut, it will be replaced with the phrase that you entered.  Make sure to make your shortcut unique so that it doesn’t autocorrect you when you are typing common words.


Your iPad can be a Book!

I can use my iPad as an independent reading book. 

“I use my iPad as an independent reading book.”

If you have an Amazon Kindle account or a Nook account you can easily get your books on your iPad. Just open the Kindle app or the Nook app and sign in with your account. From there you can sync your books. Just make sure you have parent permission!


*You can also use Subtext as a reading book by downloading any free books that are within the app.  They also have a special feature that allows you to download public library books!

Option for an iPad Assignment Notebook

I can use my iPad as an assignment notebook.

“I use my iPad as an assignment notebook.”

Would you like to us your iPad as an assignment notebook? If yes, continue reading. If no, there is no need to continue.  Go to the “Reminders” app. It looks like a lined paper with colored circles on the side. On the left bottom corner, there is an “add list” button.  Press the button and name it “Assignment notebook,” then you may choose a color.  You can click on the lines on the lined paper, and you can type in a homework assignment.  Click the circled “i” and it is a good idea to put “!”, “!!”, or “!!!” next to it. If you click “remind me on a day,” you can change it to daily so it will remind you every day. To stop it when you’ve finished that homework, either delete it or press the colored circle to fill it in, meaning it has been done.


A Better Notebook

 I can use my iPad as a notebook.

“I use my iPad as a digital notebook!”

What if… you forget your math notebook? Well, you can use Notability! If you are inside a new page in Notability, you can hit the wrench icon in the top right hand corner and choose paper. On the right hand side you can choose a type of grid paper as your background to use or even lines. This is very useful for taking notes or doing a math problem. You could even do your homework on it! Just get permission from your teacher.


Power Low

I can get a little more power on my iPad when it is almost out of power.

“I use my iPad as a tool.”

When you are almost out of power on your iPad, shut your iPad off by holding the power button on the top right corner. Then you will wait for a little bit and turn it back on by holding the top right power button. When you turn it back on it seems to have a little more power.