How to do Voiceovers in iMovie

I can put voiceovers in my iMovie project on an iPad.

“I use my iPad as an efficient way to get educational help.”

FIrst, open the iMovie app. Then, open up whatever project you are working on. Next, tap the little microphone icon near the lower-right of the screen. Now you are ready to record your voice!

-P. Kamajian

How to Fix Hopscotch!!!!!

I can get the updated Hopscotch to work.
“I use my iPad as a coding device.”
When your iPad gets updated, Hopscotch might not work. It may turn sideways and say “updating application”.  It will never complete, so you can follow these steps to fix it:
1. Download a shared project from mail. Tap the icon that says (projectname).hopscotch and hit ‘Hopscotch’.
2. Let it download sideways, and it will tell you what’s new. Press done.
3. Press the back arrow in the upper left corner. On the bottom of the screen, choose ‘community’.
View of Hopscotch after update
4. Choose a project you are interested in and press ▶️ (Play).
View of Hopscotch after update
5. Your Hopscotch screen should have changed back to normal, and you can press X in  the upper right hand corner. Choose ‘Projects’ Tab to go back to your own projects.
View of Hopscotch after update
-C. Deck

Orienteering Tip

I can fix my iPad when the orientation is opposite and the screen won’t rotate when I rotate the device. 

“I use my iPad as a tool.”

If your iPad screen is upside down and it won’t change when you try to turn your device the opposite way:

1. Go to settings

2. Go to general>accessibility

3. Turn assistive touch on

4. A black box with a white middle circle on the border now appears

5. Click on the box

6. Click device

7. Click rotate screen

8. Click the direction you want your iPad to face.

If it gets stuck again, just do this again.

-T. Kesling

If Your Apps Freeze…

I can restart an app.

“I use my iPad as a learning device.”

If your apps freeze, this tip should sometimes work for you. If it does not, it is usually a problem with the app. When an app freezes up, you should double click the home button and swipe up on the app. This will refresh the app most of the time.


How to Save Battery Life

I can save battery life on my iPad.

“I use my iPad as a computer/tool.”

If your battery is running at like 20% you can turn down your brightness by scrolling up on the bottom of your screen and turning the brightness down.

-C. Smith


In “Settings”, you can turn on airplane mode. If you turn airplane mode on, it will turn your WiFi off but, when you need it again, just turn airplane mode off. This tip really help me when I have low battery.

-C. Hackett

A “Pro Tip” Resetting Your Frozen iPad: by Anthony V.

If you tried everything and nothing works then this tip will help you 99% of the time. First hold the power button for five seconds. Next, (while holding the power button) hold the home button for five seconds. After that, let go of the home button but continue to hold the power button for five seconds. Now let go. Turn the iPad on again and your problem should be fixed.


Keyboard Shortcut

I can create a keyboard shortcut.

“I use my iPad as a tool.”

Are you tired of rewriting your username?  Then go to “Settings”, then go to “General”, and then “Keyboards”. Look for “Shortcuts”, and click “Add New Shortcut”. Click “Phrase” and type in your real username and in “Shortcut” do a little part of the username or something you can remember.  Now, when you type that shortcut, it will be replaced with the phrase that you entered.  Make sure to make your shortcut unique so that it doesn’t autocorrect you when you are typing common words.